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what people say

This is a selection of comments and views expressed by some of our clients following their recent participation in Travels Through Time courses or overseas tours. These comments were obtained either through post-event surveys or from unsolicited letters received from our clients.

I had the best holiday I've had in years. Each day was full of interest and so informative and delightful. Thanks for a marvellous two weeks.

Accommodation in Paris was GREAT!! I loved staying in such an historic building. My room was spacious and comfortable and each morning and evening I enjoyed the views from my window. I thought the courtyard where we gathered for many of our evening meals was important in establishing the camaraderie of the group. Those long summer evenings spent there were truly memorable.

The tour of the Opera Garnier, seeing the sets being prepared and then attending the evening performance was a real highlight.

Keep up the wonderful work Sylvia and thank you again for the wonderful introduction to Paris.

We had just THE BEST time with you out and about round Paris. Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge with us in such a captivating and stimulating way. We Loved Jewelled Windows and Smiling Angels - what a privilege to be part of this wonderful experience.

I loved Lucignano and found the people very friendly. I had friends also stay and everyone is of the same opinion, it was marvellous. Paola was very good and if there was a problem she would be on to it within 10 minutes, not that happened very often but we did have a problem with the stove at Santa Fausta but that was soon fixed. Being on a bus route was also fabulous as we didnt have to hire a car. The bus service was excellent and always ran to time. We were able to travel to Siena and also from Arezzo we did other bus trips and train trips. We loved the fact that it was not over touristy and hopefully it willstay that way. I am planning another trip in 2010 and maybe shall return. Thanks again