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Company Background

Travels Through Time (ABN 481 039 035 19) is a privately owned company formed in 2003 with a mission to provide in-depth insights into some of the major historical periods and cultural traditions of western culture. We deliver these insights to our clients primarily through cultural study classes and through guided overseas tours.

Our objective is to ensure that our clients develop a deep understanding of the subject areas by making the events, both the classes and the tours, interactive, informative and a lot of fun.

We believe that there are many people in Australia that have missed out on studying the arts primarily due to a focus on their chosen careers or responsibilities. Our aim is to provide these people with the opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the key historical periods, art, architecture and literature that are so important to Western Culture. Our approach is to provide depth of insight and focus of topic, rather than covering broad areas at a shallow depth. We believe that this results in greater appreciation and retention of the subject area and greater enjoyment and value from the overseas tours.